Upper Secret Canyon Oct 16

Sn unusual visit to a trail that connnects the heads of four major canyons in the Sedona area, running along the Mogollon Rim and into Secret Canyon
PA270001   SECRET CANYON RIM TRAIL PA270003   This trail runs along the Mogollon Rim across the top of several major Sedona canyons PA270004 PA270005   The topmost part of Hartwell Canyon
PA270006 PA270007 PA270008 PA270009
PA270010 PA270011   The top of Loy Canyon PA270012 PA270013
PA270015 PA270016 PA270017 PA270018
PA270019 tonemapped PA270020 PA270021   Exploring a pioneer cabin PA270022
PA270024 PA270025 PA270026 PA270027
PA270028 tonemapped PA270029 PA270030 PA270031
PA270032 PA270033   The top of Fay Canyon PA270034   An alligator juniper PA270035
PA270038   Midmorning break PA270039 PA270040 tonemapped PA270041
PA270042 PA270043 PA270045 tonemapped   Approaching Secret Canyon PA270049
PA270050 PA270051 PA270053 PA270054
PA270055 PA270056   This is as far as we get on the overlook to Secret PA270057 PA270058 tonemapped
PA270059 PA270060 tonemapped PA270063   Frm here we can see the Bear and Honeypot from the other side, not looking like its namesake PA270066
PA270068 PA270069 PA270070 PA270071
PA270073 PA270074 PA270075 PA270077
PA270078 PA270079 tonemapped PA270080   This is a good place for lunch PA270081
PA270082 PA270083 PA270084 PA270085
PA270086 PA270087 PA270089 tonemapped PA270093 tonemapped
PA270094 PA270095 PA270096 tonemapped PA270097
PA270100 PA270101 tonemapped PA270102 PA270103
PA270105 PA270106 PA270107 PA270108
PA270109 PA270110 PA270111 PA270112
PA270113 PA270114 PA270116 PA270117
PA270118   And we're back