West Fork Fall Color Oct 16

A fall color hike into the deep and narrow West Fork side canyon off Oak Creek Canyon
PA110002   WEST FORK FALL COLOR On a warm October day PA110003   This siren is used to warn hikers in the canyon of fire or flash flood PA110004   The apple orchard that was part of the ranch PA110005   Footbridge across the fork
PA110006 PA110007   Chicken coops for the oriinal ranch PA110008 PA110009
PA110010   It's been warm, so we're not at the peak of fall color yet PA110011 PA110015   There are 13 stream crossings on the way up the public trail PA110016
PA110017   The bigtooth maple will give us the deepest reds at the peak of color PA110018 PA110020 PA110021 tonemapped
PA110022 PA110023 PA110024 tonemapped PA110026
PA110028 tonemapped PA110029 tonemapped PA110030 tonemapped PA110031 tonemapped
PA110033 PA110034 PA110035 PA110036 tonemapped
PA110037 PA110038 tonemapped PA110039 PA110041   As we move higher in the canyon, the walls close in
PA110042 PA110043 PA110044 PA110047
PA110048 PA110050 PA110051 PA110053 tonemapped
PA110055 PA110056 tonemapped PA110057 PA110058 tonemapped
PA110059 tonemapped PA110061 PA110063 PA110064 tonemapped   This hue block fell from above
PA110066 PA110067 tonemapped PA110069 PA110070
PA110071 PA110073 PA110074 PA110075
PA110076 PA110077   A pause to retie PA110079 PA110080   Higher up it's been colder, so we get more color
PA110081 PA110082 PA110083 PA110085
PA110086 tonemapped PA110087 PA110088 tonemapped PA110089
PA110090 PA110092 PA110093 tonemapped PA110094
PA110095   This years rain has brought lushness, including more moss PA110096 PA110097 PA110098
PA110099 tonemapped PA110100 PA110102 PA110103 tonemapped   One last "limbo tree" which most of us opt to climb over
PA110104 tonemapped   This is the end of the public trail, but slightly low water lets us go a little farther PA110107 PA110108 PA110110 tonemapped
PA110111 PA110112 PA110113   Reflections from ripples in the water PA110115 tonemapped
PA110116 PA110117 PA110119 tonemapped PA110122   Back to the end of teh trail, and lunch
PA110125 tonemapped PA110126 PA110128 PA110129
PA110132 PA110134 PA110135 tonemapped   Heading back... PA110136
PA110138 PA110139 PA110140 PA110141
PA110142 PA110145 tonemapped PA110146 PA110148
PA110149 PA110151 PA110152 PA110155
PA110156 PA110158 PA110159 PA110160 tonemapped
PA110161 tonemapped PA110162 PA110164 PA110165
PA110166 PA110169 PA110170 PA110171 tonemapped
PA110173 PA110176 PA110177 PA110178
PA110179 PA110182 tonemapped PA110183 PA110184