West Fork Winter Wonderland Jan 16

West Fork, off Oak Creek Canyon, after a week of precipitation left two feet of snowfall in the canyon. Kneedeep snow made for heavy going but incomparable beauty.
P1090001   WEST FORK WINTER WONDERLAND P1090004   Morning sun at the start of the trail P1090005 P1090007   Crossing Oak Creek
P1090009   In the orchard P1090010 tonemapped P1090011   The chicken coops mark the start of the trail into the Fork P1090012
P1090013 P1090014   xx P1090017   The first crossing: Can we make it over an icy log? P1090018
P1090020 tonemapped P1090021 P1090022 P1090023 tonemapped
P1090024 P1090026 P1090029 tonemapped P1090031
P1090033 P1090034 P1090035 P1090036
P1090037 P1090038   This tree is a new fall P1090039 P1090040   Second crossing: Yak-Traks are holding on the ice
P1090044 P1090045 P1090047 P1090048
P1090049 P1090051 P1090053 P1090055 tonemapped
P1090056 tonemapped P1090057 tonemapped P1090058 tonemapped P1090059
P1090060   Third crossing: This is as far as we go P1090062 P1090063 tonemapped P1090064
P1090068 P1090069 P1090071 P1090073
P1090074 P1090076 P1090077 P1090079 tonemapped
P1090080 P1090081 P1090082 P1090084
P1090085 P1090086   Large conifers keep the ground beneath them clear P1090087 P1090088 tonemapped
P1090089 P1090091 P1090093 P1090095
P1090097 P1090099 P1090100 P1090103
P1090104 P1090106 P1090108 tonemapped P1090110
P1090111 P1090112 P1090113 P1090115   This huge icicle has built up from a seep on the canyon wall
P1090116 P1090118   Evern a tree with few lower branches can keep its vicinity clear P1090120 P1090129
P1090130 P1090131   Heading out of the Fork P1090132   Near Vista Point, at the top of Oak Creek Canyon P1090133
P1090134 P1090136 P1090137 P1090138
P1090140 tonemapped P1090142 P1090143 P1090144
P1090145 P1090147 P1090148