Balanced Rock Mar 17

Near the Enchantment Resort on Sedona's west side, Balanced Rock appears to have no means of support when seen from below. Up to the Rock, down the other side of the ridge past Devil's Bridge, and then back through the cypress forest below.
P3020001   BALANCED ROCK P3020002   Starting from a short distance down FR 152 P3020004   Our first sight of Balanced Rock. Getting to it requires going down into the intervening wash and up again. P3020005
P3020007   The was still has some ice P3020008   Now up the hill P3020009 P3020010
P3020011   Coxcomb and Mingus Mountain P3020012 P3020013 tonemapped P3020014
P3020015 P3020017 P3020018 P3020019
P3020020   No matter how close you get, it still looks impossible P3020022   The narrow saddle directly below the Rock P3020023 P3020024   Our way up is via the narrrow ledge to the right
P3020027 P3020028 P3020029   This leads us around to the sloping back of the pediment P3020030   This is the side we can climb
P3020031 P3020032 P3020034 P3020035 tonemapped
P3020036   Yes, it really is just balanced. Yet as shown by the fixed bolts P3020037 P3020039 P3020041
P3020045   Just below it, a good break spot P3020046 P3020049   Back across the skinny ledge... P3020050
P3020052   ...and the saddle to the side we came up... P3020055   But this time we stayhigh and go across to another notch in the ridge P3020057 P3020058
P3020059 P3020060 P3020061 P3020062   Here, we can go through again to the other side and head down
P3020063 P3020064   It's shaded on this side, with some remaining ice P3020065   And in one place, tiny ferns P3020066
P3020069   Looking at the Rock from the other side P3020070   A coating of ice with running water under it P3020071 P3020072
P3020073 P3020074   We are now approaching the tourist-heavy Devil's bridge P3020075 P3020076   A short distance past it,...
P3020077 P3020078   ...we come to a good lunch spot, facing the trail from Norm's Notch (off to right) and the ruins alcove P3020079   The cypress thicket in the center down below is where we go next P3020081
P3020082 P3020083 P3020084 P3020085   Down into the trees. We walk along normally dry washes, but this soon after rain there is runoff
P3020086 P3020087 P3020088 tonemapped P3020089 tonemapped
P3020090 P3020091   The wet weather has brought out moss overwhere P3020092 P3020093   And some small waterfalls
P3020094 P3020095   Because we're going downstream, the wash accumulates more water P3020096   Lookingtoward the mushroom top of Norm's Notch P3020097   Back out to FR 152