Brins Ridge Feb 17

Accessing this sinuous ridge above Brins Mesa, from the Jordan Trailhead
P2140001   BRINS RIDGE P2140002 P2140003 P2140005   Up the stairsteps onto Brins Mesa
P2140006 P2140007   Our first sight of the Ridge P2140010   Today we share the trail with many people P2140012
P2140013 P2140014 P2140015 P2140016   Starting up...
P2140017 P2140018 P2140019 P2140021   Loking down on the ranchers' meadow
P2140022 P2140023 P2140024 P2140025   On top od the Ridge, views open up for us
P2140026 P2140028 P2140029   Looking toward West Sedona P2140030 tonemapped
P2140031 P2140032 P2140034 P2140035 tonemapped
P2140036 P2140037 P2140038 P2140039 tonemapped   Now we proceed to the end of the ridge...
P2140040 P2140041 P2140043 tonemapped P2140045
P2140046 P2140047 P2140050   As far as we can go - a good place for lunch P2140052 tonemapped
P2140055 P2140056 P2140058 P2140059
P2140060   Looking bacward from the end of the ridge P2140061   Heading back... P2140062 P2140063
P2140064 P2140065 P2140066 P2140067
P2140068 P2140070 P2140071 P2140072
P2140073   Back on he mesa, we pass a remnant of the Brins Mesa burn P2140074 P2140076 P2140078