Cockscomb and Doe Mountain Jan 17

A hike from The Aerie, a new housing development between Cockscomb and Doe Mountain, to both mesas.
P1100001   COCKSCOMB & DOE MOUNTAIN P1100003   First, across to Cockscomb P1100004 P1100005 tonemapped   There has been a lot of rain this week, so it's muddy in spots
P1100006 P1100007 P1100009   Stepping carefully on a loose rock P1100010 tonemapped   Looking back across the Aerie development to Doe Mountain
P1100011 P1100012 P1100013 P1100014   The first spire on top of Cockscomb
P1100015 tonemapped P1100017 tonemapped P1100018 P1100019   TheSinagua probably used this as a lookout point
P1100020 P1100021 P1100023 tonemapped P1100024   Up to the highest level
P1100025 P1100027 P1100029 tonemapped   From the flat top, a view across Doe Mountain P1100030
P1100031 tonemapped P1100032 P1100033 tonemapped P1100034
P1100036 tonemapped P1100037 P1100038   The tree is slowly pushing this loose rock downslope P1100039   This is as far as we can go without technical climbing
P1100040 tonemapped P1100041 P1100042 P1100043
P1100044   Plenty of moss this winter P1100047 P1100048 P1100049
P1100050 tonemapped   This point is favored by photographers and mystics P1100051   Back down off Cockscomb... P1100054 P1100055
P1100058 P1100059 P1100060 tonemapped P1100061 tonemapped
P1100063   ...And across to Doe Mountain P1100064 P1100065 tonemapped P1100067
P1100068   Climbing Doe.... P1100070 tonemapped P1100071 tonemapped P1100072
P1100073 P1100074 P1100076 P1100078
P1100079 tonemapped P1100081 tonemapped P1100082 tonemapped P1100083   On top of a flat mesa, and then around it...
P1100084 P1100085 P1100086 tonemapped P1100087
P1100088 tonemapped P1100089 tonemapped P1100090 P1100091   This is the first time we have seen ferns growing in this area
P1100092 P1100093 P1100094 P1100096
P1100097 tonemapped P1100098   Down the front side of Doe P1100099 P1100100
P1100101 P1100102 P1100103