Dead Horse State Park Apr 17

The Verde River, lagoon, and wildflowers at Dead Horse State Park
P4190203   DEAD HORSE STATE PARK The Verde River P4190204 P4190206 P4190207
P4190208 P4190211 P4190212 P4190216
P4190218   The Lagoons P4190219 P4190221 P4190223
P4190224 P4190225 P4190227 P4190228
P4190229 P4190230 P4190231 P4190232
P4190233 P4190234 P4190236 P4190237
P4190238 P4190239 P4190240 P4190242   Ants on the trail
P4190243   Roadside flowers in the camping area P4190246 P4190247 P4190248
P4190250 P4190254 P4190258 P4190260
P4190261 P4190262