Lime Kiln Trail Flowers Apr 17

This was a special visit for flower macros
P4220090   LIME KILN TRAIL FLOWERS P4220091 P4220092 P4220093
P4220094 P4220095 P4220098 P4220099
P4220101 P4220103 P4220105 P4220106
P4220110 P4220114 P4220116   Barrel cactus in bloom P4220118
P4220122 P4220124   Globemallow with beetle P4220128   A bee at work P4220131 tonemapped   A quick view of rabbit Ears
P4220132   Sego lily, the state flower of Utah P4220133 P4220135 P4220137
P4220138 P4220139 P4220145 P4220147
P4220149 P4220150 P4220153 P4220155
P4220157   Fleabane P4220161 P4220164 P4220167