Long Canyon Jan 17

Up Long Canyon to the amphitheater at the end, spending most of the time high on the east wall of the canyon.
P1120104   LONG CANYON P1120105 tonemapped   Threatening rain as we start off, but it stays dry for us P1120106 P1120107 tonemapped
P1120108 P1120110 P1120111   We turn off the public trail and head up hill P1120113
P1120114 P1120116 P1120117 P1120118   This lookout point contains a metate. The mano is probably not original.
P1120119 P1120120   Cross-bedding on display P1120121 P1120126   This rainy winter, lichen is being invaded by moss
P1120127 P1120128 P1120129   One level above the alcoves P1120130
P1120132 tonemapped   Looking toward the mouth of Long Canyon P1120133 P1120134 P1120135
P1120137 tonemapped P1120138 P1120139   Plenty of seepage today P1120140   Crossing the top of a spur into the next cove
P1120141 P1120142   Pringle's manzanita P1120143 P1120145   A carved wooden bench palced as a memorial by a local artist
P1120146 P1120148 P1120149 P1120151   Approaching the bootlegger's cave
P1120152 P1120154 P1120155 P1120159
P1120161 P1120163 P1120164   Up another level P1120166
P1120167 P1120169 tonemapped P1120170   And that brings us to the amphitheater at the end of the canyon P1120173   This collapse is believed to hide a ruin
P1120174   A good place for lunch P1120175 tonemapped-2 P1120176 P1120177
P1120178 tonemapped P1120179 P1120184   Heading back down... P1120185 tonemapped
P1120186 P1120187 P1120188 tonemapped   ...to the public trail, but near the end of the canyon P1120189
P1120190 P1120191 tonemapped P1120192 P1120193   Another side trip one level up
P1120195 P1120196 P1120198 P1120201 tonemapped
P1120202 P1120204 P1120205 P1120206
P1120207 P1120208 P1120210 P1120215
P1120217   Tafoni erosion in sandstone P1120218   back down near the end of our trail P1120219 tonemapped P1120220