Mayan Maiden Jan 17

From Verde Valley School Road just west of Village of Oakcreek, hiking a loop of trails on the north side of the road
P1030001   MAYAN MAIDEN A slightly different loop P1030002 P1030003 P1030005
P1030006   Cloudy weather before a storm P1030007 tonemapped P1030008 tonemapped P1030009   There has been a lot of rain recently
P1030010 P1030011 P1030012 P1030013   A shagbark juniper, and not a dead one
P1030014 P1030015 tonemapped P1030016 P1030017
P1030018 P1030020 P1030021   Moss is growing everywhere P1030022 tonemapped
P1030023 tonemapped P1030024 P1030026 tonemapped P1030027 tonemapped
P1030028 P1030029 P1030030 P1030032 tonemapped
P1030033 P1030034 tonemapped P1030035 P1030036
P1030037 P1030038 P1030039 P1030040
P1030041 tonemapped P1030042 P1030043 P1030044
P1030045 P1030046 tonemapped P1030047 tonemapped P1030048
P1030050 P1030051   Multicolored lichen on a rock P1030053 P1030054 tonemapped
P1030055 tonemapped P1030056 P1030057 tonemapped P1030058
P1030059 P1030060 tonemapped   Looking over toward Cottonwood P1030062 P1030063   There is one ruin, just a wall remaining
P1030064 P1030065 tonemapped P1030066   A saddle overlooking VOC P1030067
P1030068 P1030069 P1030071 P1030072
P1030074   Seepage from the rains P1030075 P1030076 tonemapped P1030077
P1030078   Pottery sherds, showing a variation that points to ancient trade in the region P1030079 P1030080   This small bowl is righgt next to the houses of VOC P1030082
P1030083 P1030084 P1030085 P1030086
P1030088 tonemapped P1030090 P1030092 P1030094
P1030095 P1030097 P1030099 P1030100   The final slope down
P1030102 P1030104 P1030105 P1030106
P1030107   What is this s#!+? P1030108 P1030109 P1030110   Mayan Maiden
P1030111 P1030112 P1030114   The pioneer dam and carving P1030116
P1030117 P1030118 P1030119 tonemapped P1030120