Napoleons Tomb May 17

A hike around Cathedral Rock, starting with a climb up to Napoleon's Tomb, a large hoodoo on the south side of the Rock
P5040084   NAPOLEON'S TOMB And circumnavigation of Cathedral Rock P5040085   Our starting point is the Baldwin trailhead on Verde Valley School Road, almos at Oak Creek P5040086   We climb first, because we anticipate a hot day. P5040087
P5040088 P5040089 P5040091 P5040092
P5040093 P5040094   The Village comes into view as we climb P5040095   Nearby houses P5040096
P5040097 P5040098 P5040099   This is our best view of the Tomb. The hard limestone slab protecting it is a remnant of the Fort Apache Layer. P5040100
P5040101 P5040102 P5040103   Napoleon's Tomb is a large hoodoo, named by French students at Verde Valley School, because of its resemblance to the monument in Paris P5040105   Indian paintbrush
P5040108 P5040109 P5040110 P5040111   Tesselated pavement, jike like the rocks at Polygons
P5040112 P5040113   Down a series of narrow slots to the lower level P5040114 P5040116   Cathedral Rock comes into view
P5040117 P5040118 P5040119 P5040120   Prickly pear is startiung to bloom, though most of it blooms in June.
P5040122 P5040123 P5040124   Our last and best view of the Tomb P5040126
P5040129   Now we are on the Back O' Beyons side of Cathedral P5040131 P5040133   SOmwe more climbing, through narrow slots P5040134
P5040135 P5040136   A morning break. It's already getting hot. P5040137 P5040138
P5040140 P5040141 P5040142 P5040143   Ocotillo i`n bloom
P5040144 P5040145 P5040146   Hedgehog cactus P5040147
P5040148 P5040149   One small glimpse of Rabbit Ears P5040150 P5040151
P5040152 P5040153 P5040154 P5040155
P5040156   Daisies everywhere now P5040157 P5040159 tonemapped   The cliff just right of center in the distance is the place on Munds Mountain where we were two weeks ago P5040161
P5040162 P5040163   Mountain lupine P5040164 P5040165   Segolily, the state flower of Utah
P5040166 tonemapped P5040167 P5040169 P5040170
P5040171   Yellow lichen P5040172 P5040173 P5040174
P5040177 P5040178   More prickly pear P5040181   Pink penstemon, as we make our way down the bluff to Oak Creek P5040182   Oak Creek transforms the landscape
P5040183 P5040184 P5040185   Our lunch spot on the creek P5040187
P5040188   A large spider on the creek bank P5040191 P5040193 P5040194
P5040197 P5040199 P5040200 P5040201   Downstream toward our starting point
P5040202 P5040204 P5040205   The Baldwin Trail intersectino, where we began