Pac-Man Rock Apr 17

A hike to a distictive rock on the first bench of Bear Moutain
P4180117   PAC-MAN ROCK P4180118   A hike to the first bench on Bear Mountain, then left across several points P4180119 P4180120
P4180121 P4180122 P4180123 P4180124
P4180125 P4180126 P4180127 P4180129
P4180130 P4180131 tonemapped P4180132 tonemapped P4180133
P4180134 P4180136 P4180137 P4180138
P4180140 P4180143 P4180144 P4180145
P4180146   INdian paintbrush P4180147   Hedgehog cactus P4180148   The Sinagua agave roasting pit. This would have been a social focus at the time, with settlements around it. P4180149
P4180150 P4180151   Pac-Mac Rock, with its cowboy graffito P4180152 P4180153   And we can climb it
P4180156   Demonstrating some yoga moves P4180157 P4180158 P4180159
P4180160   There is both a cowboy dump and a Sinagua dump near the Rock. This is a fragment from a 19th-centure patemt medicine bottle. P4180161 P4180162   The brilliant ye;llow-green lichen abounds here P4180163
P4180165 P4180166 P4180168 P4180169
P4180170 P4180171 P4180173 P4180176
P4180177 P4180180 P4180181 P4180182
P4180183   Heading back... P4180184 P4180186 P4180187
P4180190   A sego lily P4180191 P4180192 P4180193
P4180194 P4180195 P4180196   Globemallow P4180197
P4180198   Down through the First Bench slot P4180199   Blue dick P4180200   Mountain lupine P4180201