Soldier Pass Heights Mar 17

A loop around Brins Mesa, the ruins alcove, and the distant side of Soldier Pass.
P3210018   SOLDIER PASS HEIGHTS P3210019 P3210020 P3210021
P3210022 P3210023 P3210026 P3210027
P3210030 P3210031 P3210033 P3210039   Still lots of moss around us in sheltered spots
P3210042   5 P3210043 P3210046 P3210047
P3210049 tonemapped P3210051 P3210052 P3210054
P3210057 P3210058 P3210059 P3210060
P3210062   This glyph represents a snake P3210065   Rock mat, a plant that flourishes on seepage coming through  limestone layers exposed in alcoves P3210070 P3210071
P3210072 P3210073 P3210074 P3210075
P3210076 P3210077 P3210078 P3210080
P3210081 P3210082 P3210083 P3210085   The 'Lost Ruin' as seen from the trail above
P3210086 P3210088 P3210089 P3210092
P3210094 P3210095 P3210096 P3210098
P3210099 P3210102 P3210103 P3210104
P3210109   The Cockscomb P3210111   Our trail runs along the edge of this cliff P3210112 P3210115
P3210116 P3210118 P3210119 tonemapped P3210120
P3210121 P3210122 P3210123 P3210124
P3210125 P3210126 P3210127 P3210128
P3210129 P3210131 P3210135 P3210136
P3210139 P3210140 P3210144 P3210146
P3210147 P3210148 P3210150 P3210152
P3210153 P3210155 P3210158   A javelina! P3210160
P3210162   A good view of Coffee pot from the back P3210166 P3210168 P3210173
P3210174 P3210175 P3210177