Woodchute Trail May 17

A trail running along the ridge of Mingus Mountain above Clarkdale
P5020001   WOODCHUTE TRAIL P5020003   We start on the top of Mingus Mountain, in the saddle where 89A crosses from Jerome to Prescott P5020004   The trail runs along the top of Mingus toward the summit. The original trees on this ridge were all logged off during the nineteenth century for mine supports; these trees are second growth. P5020006   The "woodchute," which is long gone, was a dry flume used to funnel logs down the hill to the mine in Jerome.
P5020007   Looking over the Chino Valley side P5020008 P5020010   Because our leader lives in Clarkdale, she has a wealth of historical information P5020011
P5020013   A horned toad P5020015 P5020019   And a stray cow! P5020020
P5020021 P5020022 P5020023   On the Verde Valley side, we see glimpses of Clarkdale and Cottonwood P5020024
P5020025 P5020026 P5020027 P5020028 tonemapped
P5020029 P5020030   Bushes in bloom P5020031 tonemapped   The Verde Valley P5020032   Toward the uppermost peak on the ridge
P5020033 P5020034   We start to see ponderosas P5020036 P5020037
P5020038   MOrning break with ants, so we mostly stay standing P5020040 P5020041 P5020042   Old ranch fencing
P5020043   Wild irises P5020045 P5020046 P5020049
P5020050 P5020051   A yucca bloom spiking P5020052 P5020054   These green pine needle tufts  are left by feeding squirrels
P5020055 P5020056 P5020057 P5020058   Clarkdale
P5020059 P5020060   Closeup of the cement plant P5020062 P5020063
P5020064   Time for lunch P5020065 P5020066 P5020067
P5020068 P5020069   A mullein plant. The SInagua used these leaves as potscrubbers P5020070   An alligator juniper P5020071
P5020072 P5020073 P5020074 tonemapped P5020075   Heading back the way we came
P5020076 P5020078 P5020079 P5020080
P5020081 P5020082 P5020083