PA304346   SPAIN - BARCELONA This Mayan-like ziggurat marks the Spanish border with France PA304349   Our room at the Eurostar Grand Marina PA304350 PA304351
PA304352   The hotel's central courtyard PA304353 PA304354 PA304355
PA304356 PA304357 PA304358 PA304362   Large seabirds glide over the Marina Grand Hotel
PA314363   The Barrí Gotíc and Le Seu Cathedral PA314364 PA314368 PA314371
PA314372 PA314373 PA314374 PA314375
PA314377 PA314379 PA314380 PA314381
PA314383 PA314384 PA314385 PA314387
PA314388 PA314390 PA314391 PA314393
PA314394 PA314395 PA314397   The Arab motif attests to 800 years of Moorish occupation PA314398
PA314399 PA314400 PA314401 PA314403
PA314406 PA314407 PA314408 PA314410
PA314411 PA314412 PA314413 PA314414
PA314418 PA314420 PA314421 PA314422
PA314423 PA314424 PA314427 PA314429
PA314430 PA314431 PA314433   Sagrada Familia. This is the Nativity Facade, completed in 1926 at the time of Gaudi's death. PA314434
PA314435 PA314439 PA314440 PA314442
PA314444 PA314445 PA314446 PA314447
PA314448   Gaudi used this upside-down model of the church as an analog computer to calculate strain on the arches PA314449   The other side of Sagrada familia is the Passion Facade, depictingthe death of Christ PA314450 PA314451
PA314452 PA314455 PA314457 PA314458
PA314459   Each door of the Passon Facade is covered with inscription PA314460 PA314462   The interior PA314463
PA314464 PA314465 PA314467 PA314468
PA314469 PA314470 PA314471 PA314472
PA314473 PA314475 PA314476 PA314478
PA314479 PA314480 PA314484 PA314486
PA314487 PA314489 PA314490 PA314491
PA314493 PA314494 PA314497 PA314498
PA314502   The park adjacent to the Sagrada PA314503 PA314508 PA314510   The neighborhood around the Sagrada
PA314511 PA314512 PA314513 PA314514
PA314515 PA314516 PA314517 PA314518
PA314519 PA314520 PA314521 PA314522
PA314523 PA314524   The soutrh side is the Glory facade, still uncompleted after almost 100 years PA314526 PA314527
PA314531   The Parc Güell, a showcase of Gaudi's sculpture and architecture PA314532 PA314535 PA314538
PA314539   This public deck rests on a set of 89 large Roman columns PA314540 PA314541 PA314543
PA314544 PA314545 PA314548 PA314549
PA314551 PA314554 PA314556 PA314557
PA314559   The columns supporting the deck PA314560   There are 89 columns, defining a space intended to be used as a market PA314561 PA314563
PA314565 PA314567   Buskers and vendors abound PA314568 PA314571
PA314572 PA314574 PA314578   The outermost columns lean inward to support the weight of the deck PA314579
PA314581 PA314583   Two men stage a scene fom a Japanese play PA314585 PA314591   On the hill below the columns, a Hans Christian Andersen toy viillage
PA314592 PA314599   Views of the city and harbor from Montjuic PA314600 PA314604
PA314605 PA314606 PA314609 PA314610
PA314611 PA314612 PB014616 PB014618   Port facilities and ships
PB014619   The Olympic theme scultpture PB014620   The old customs house and port offiice PB014621 PB014623
PB014625 PB014626 PB014627 PB014628   The entrance to Port Vell, a fancy shopping mall
PB014629   The marina PB014630 PB014632 PB014633
PB014634 PB014637   A last walk around downtown PB014638 PB014639
PB014641 PB014642 PB014643 PB014644
PB014646 PB014647 PB014651 PB014652
PB014653 PB014654 PB014655 PB014656
PB014658 PB014659 PB014660 PB014661
PB014662 PB014663 PB014664 PB014665
PB014666 PB014667 PB014668 PB014670
PB014672 PB014673 PB014674 PB014675
PB014676 PB014677 PB014678   Very large seagulls PB014680
PB014683 PB014684 PB014685 PB014686
PB014687 PB014688 PB014689 PB014690
PB014691   The Eurostar Grand Marina PB014692 PB014693 PB014694
PB014695 PB014696 PB014698 PB014699
PB014700 PB014701 PB014702