France Arles

PA294160   FRANCE - ARLES Monument to two US flyers killed in retaking Arles from the Germans, 1944 PA294161   The memorial chrysanthemum bed PA294162   This town fair draws visitors from the region for All Saints weekend PA294163
PA294165   Old Arles PA294166 PA294167 PA294168
PA294169   The Roman forum. built for gladiatorial combat... PA294170   ...and still in use for bullfights PA294171 PA294172
PA294173 PA294174   Today's combat is Camargue style bullfighting, in which the bull is not killed PA294175 PA294176
PA294177 PA294178 PA294179 PA294180
PA294183 PA294184 PA294185 PA294186
PA294188 PA294190 PA294191 PA294193
PA294194 PA294195 PA294196   The garden favored by Van Gogh in his paintings PA294197
PA294198 PA294199 PA294203 PA294204
PA294205 PA294208   This café was the subject of PA294209 PA294210
PA294211 PA294212 PA294214 PA294215
PA294216 PA294218 PA294222 PA294223
PA294224 PA294225 PA294226 PA294227
PA294228 PA294231 PA294233 PA294234
PA294235 PA294236 PA294237 PA294238
PA294239 PA294240 PA294241 PA294242
PA294243 PA294245 PA294246 PA294247
PA294248 PA294249 PA294251 PA294252
PA294253 PA294254 PA294255 PA294257
PA294258 PA294260 PA294261 PA294263
PA294264 PA294265 PA294266 PA294268
PA294273   Abutments of the bridge that was bombed by the Allies when Arles was retaken