France Avignon

PA283867   FRANCE - AVIGNON A wheelhouse tour. It's now a joystick, not a wheel PA283868   View from the bridge PA283869 PA283870   There are three engines, with a joystick control for each
PA283873   Passing a lock PA283874   The "pont dÁvignon". Apparently too many cruise passengers have been dancing on it. PA283876 PA283879   Avignon has its own golden Madonna
PA283880   The Swiss Pearl is 'rafted'to another boat this time PA283881   Departing through the other boat PA283882   Parking in a precarious spot PA283883   A strike demonstarion through town
PA283884 PA283886   The strike demo again PA283887   The medieval walls of Avignon PA283889
PA283890 PA283892 PA283893 PA283895
PA283896 PA283897 PA283898 PA283900
PA283901 PA283903 PA283905 PA283906
PA283907   A carnival carousel PA283908 PA283910 PA283911
PA283912 PA283913 PA283914   At the Papal Palace PA283916   Part of the Palace is used for modern art shows
PA283918 PA283920 PA283921 PA283923
PA283924 PA283926 PA283928 PA283929
PA283930 PA283931 PA283933 PA283934
PA283937 PA283940 PA283942 PA283943
PA283944 PA283945 PA283947   The Palace has been heavily restored with concrete fill-ins, with so much of the original structure lost to decay and destruction PA283948
PA283949   This chimney was used for baking bread PA283950 PA283951 PA283952
PA283954 PA283956 PA283957 PA283958
PA283959 PA283960 PA283962 PA283963
PA283964 PA283965 PA283966   A modern art exhibit in the largest open hall of the Palace PA283967
PA283968 PA283969 PA283970 PA283974
PA283975 PA283976 PA283977 PA283978
PA283979 PA283980 PA283981 PA283982
PA283983 PA283984 PA283985 PA283986
PA283987 PA283989 PA283990 PA283993
PA283994 PA283995 PA283997 PA284000
PA284001 PA284002 PA284005 PA284006
PA284007 PA284008 PA284013 PA284014
PA284015 PA284017 PA284019 PA284020
PA284021 PA284022 PA284023 PA284024
PA284025 PA284026 PA284027 PA284028
PA284029 PA284030 PA284031