France Les Baux

PA294032   FRANCE - LES BAUX A fortification and limestone quarry near the mouth of the Rhône PA294036 PA294037   This quarry was begun in Roman times, and used extensively for medieval building PA294038
PA294040   The quarry itself is now used as a çave' for long-term storage and cellaring of wine PA294041 PA294042 PA294043
PA294044 PA294045 PA294046 PA294047
PA294049 PA294052 PA294053   The fortified town PA294054
PA294055 PA294057 PA294058 PA294059
PA294060 PA294061 PA294062 PA294063
PA294064 PA294065 PA294067 PA294068
PA294069 PA294070 PA294071 PA294073
PA294074 PA294076 PA294077 PA294078
PA294079 PA294080 PA294081 PA294082
PA294083 PA294085 PA294086 PA294087
PA294089 PA294090 PA294091