France Lyon

PA223086   LYON Preparing to leave Paris on the TGV from Lyon Station PA223087   This is an old station that was remodeled for the TGV. Its location in the center of Paris serves commuters between Paris and Lyon. PA223088 PA223090
PA233091 PA233093 PA233094 PA233095
PA233096   We arrive in Lyon PA233097   The Gare Perrache in Lyon PA233099   Perrache, the second station in Lyon, serves the older part of town PA233100
PA233101 PA233102 PA233103 PA233104
PA233105 PA233106 PA233107 PA233109
PA233110 PA233111 PA233112   Just outside the station PA233114
PA233115 PA233118   A Roman theater PA233119 PA233122
PA233124   On the hilltop where Lyon was founded PA233125 PA233126 PA233129
PA233130 PA233131 PA233133 PA233136
PA233137 PA233139 PA233140 PA233141
PA233142 PA233143 PA233144 PA233145
PA233146 PA233147 PA233151 PA233152
PA233153 PA233155 PA233156 PA233157
PA233160 PA233162   Slate being used to repair the cathedral roof PA233163   Grand views of Lyon from the cathedral mount PA233165
PA233166 PA233167 PA233169 PA233171
PA233181 PA233184 PA233185 PA233186   The Renaissance Quarter, oldest part of the city
PA233189 PA233190 PA233191 PA233192
PA233193 PA233194 PA233195 PA233196
PA233198 PA233201 PA233202 PA233203
PA233205 PA233206 PA233207   Expressing solidarity with the strikers PA233208
PA233209 PA233211 PA233212   The Quarter is crisscrossed with up to 350 traboules, or small residential alleys PA233214
PA233215 PA233217   Les boulangeries - magnifique! PA233218 PA233219
PA233221 PA233223 PA233224 PA233225
PA233227 PA233228 PA233229 PA233230
PA233232 PA233234 PA233237 PA233238
PA233239 PA233241 PA233242 PA233245
PA233246 PA233249 PA233250 PA233251
PA233254 PA233256 PA233257 PA233258
PA233260 PA233262 PA233263 PA233265
PA233267 PA233268 PA233269 PA233270
PA233271   We board the Swiss Pearl PA233272 PA233274 PA233279
PA233280 PA233281 PA233282 PA243283
PA243284 PA243285   The Swiss Pearl docked in Lyon PA243286 PA243287
PA243288 PA243289   A Vélib bicycle rental station PA243291 PA243292
PA243294 PA243296 PA243297 PA243298   Last morning look-around in Lyon
PA243299 PA243300 PA243301 PA243302
PA243303 PA243305 PA243306 PA243307   The Farmers Market
PA243309 PA243310 PA243311 PA243312
PA243313 PA243314 PA243316 PA243318
PA243319 PA243320 PA243321 PA243322
PA243323 PA243324 PA243325   A warning not to eat fish taken from the Saône here, or to swim PA243326
PA243327 PA243328   Trompe l'oeil mural on the side of an apartment building PA243329 PA243332
PA243333 PA243334 PA243335 PA243337   Old military storehouses built ion the location of Ste. Marie des Chaînes nunnery, at the place where the Saône was once barricaded at night
PA243338 PA243339 PA243340   The mural building's other side PA243341
PA243342 PA243343 PA243344 PA243346
PA243347   A skateboard park PA243348 PA243349 PA243351
PA243352 PA243355   Back aboard ship PA243357 PA243358
PA243360 PA243362 PA243363 PA243365   A silk demonstration