France Tournon

PA263554   FRANCE - TOURNON PA263555   A water-cooled nuclear plant among the vineyards PA263557 PA263558
PA263560 PA263562   A morning of cruising on the Swiss Pearl PA263563 PA263564
PA263565 PA263567 PA263569 PA263570
PA263573 PA263575 PA263577 PA263582
PA263583 PA263585 PA263586 PA263587
PA263589 PA263590 PA263592 PA263594
PA263597 PA263598 PA263599   We dock at Tournon PA263600
PA263602 PA263603 PA263604 PA263605
PA263607 PA263608 PA263609 PA263610
PA263611 PA263612 PA263613 PA263614
PA263615 PA263617 PA263618 PA263619
PA263620 PA263621 PA263622 PA263623
PA263624 PA263627 PA263629 PA263630
PA263631 PA263632 PA263634 PA263636
PA263637 PA263638 PA263639 PA263640
PA263641 PA263642 PA263643 PA263644
PA263645 PA263646 PA263647 PA263648
PA263649 PA263650 PA263651 PA263652
PA263653 PA263654 PA263655 PA263658
PA263659 PA263660 PA263661 PA263662
PA263664 PA263665 PA263666 PA263667
PA263668 PA263670 PA263671 PA263672
PA263673 PA273678 PA273679 PA273680
PA273681 PA273683 PA273684 PA273685   The church at Tournon
PA273687   ...which has some good stained glass. PA273688   Some of its windows werr lost when retreating Germans in 1944 mined the bridges of Tournon. These have been replaced with abstract designs. PA273689 PA273690
PA273692 PA273695 PA273697