France Trevoux

PA243367   FRANCE - TREVOUX PA253371   A visit to a winery PA253372   This is the Gamay Beaujolais wine region, on the Saône north of Lyon PA253373   This is the modern name of the winery
PA253374 PA253375 PA253376 PA253377
PA253378 PA253379 PA253381 PA253383
PA253385 PA253387 PA253388 PA253390
PA253392 PA253393 PA253395 PA253402
PA253404 PA253405 PA253406 PA253407
PA253408 PA253409 PA253410 PA253411
PA253412 PA253417   Enroute as we return to the Rhône, passing Lyon again on our way south PA253419 PA253422
PA253424 PA253425 PA253426 PA253427
PA253428   Passing our first lock, just below Lyon PA253432 PA253434 PA253436
PA253437 PA253438 PA253439 PA253441
PA253442 PA253443 PA253444 PA253445
PA253446 PA253447 PA253449 PA253450
PA253451   Low bridge! PA253452