France Vienne

PA253455   FRANCE - VIENNE The Roman temple at night PA253456 PA253457   The streets of Vienne by night PA253458
PA253459 PA263461   View of the city from Cathedral hill PA263462 PA263465
PA263466 PA263467 PA263468 PA263469   In the Cathedral
PA263471 PA263472 PA263473   The old cemetery PA263474
PA263475 PA263476   The temple of Augustus and Livia is preserved intact because in the 4th century it was concealed as a church. PA263477 PA263478
PA263480   Roman stones recycled by medieval builders into a watchtower PA263481 PA263482 PA263483
PA263484 PA263485 PA263487 PA263488
PA263490 PA263491 PA263492 PA263495
PA263498 PA263500 PA263501 PA263502
PA263503 PA263504 PA263506 PA263507
PA263508 PA263509 PA263510 PA263512
PA263513 PA263514 PA263516 PA263517
PA263518 PA263520   When retreating Germans blew up the Rhône bridges in 1944, several of the windows were destroyed and replaced with abstract designs PA263521 PA263522
PA263523   Facade of the curch PA263525 PA263526 PA263527
PA263529 PA263530 PA263531 PA263532
PA263533   Museum of Roman and early medieval periods PA263534 PA263535 PA263536
PA263537 PA263539 PA263540 PA263541
PA263542 PA263543 PA263544 PA263545
PA263546 PA263547 PA263548 PA263549   The church concealment looked like this on all sides
PA263550 PA263551 PA263552   'Towel animals' on the Swiss Pearl