Germany Heidelberg

PA121762   HEIDELBERG On the way, a stop at Strahlenburg, a knight's castle above the Rhine Valley PA121763 PA121764 PA121765
PA121766 PA121767 PA121768 PA121769   This is modern homage to the original construction, not a climbing wall
PA121770 PA121771 PA121772 PA121773   An elementary school
PA121778   Strahlenburg is a popular summer eatng place PA121779 PA121781 PA121782
PA121783 PA121785 PA121788   In Old Heidelburg PA121789   Doris, Ursula and daughter Natascha
PA121790 PA121792 PA121793 PA121794
PA121795 PA121796 PA121797 PA121798
PA121799 PA121801 PA121802 PA121803
PA121804 PA121805 PA121806 PA121807
PA121808 PA121810 PA121812 PA121813
PA121814 PA121815 PA121816   The first University of Heidelburg main building. University property begins at this point. PA121817
PA121819 PA121820 PA121821 PA121822
PA121823 PA121825 PA121826 PA121827
PA121828 PA121829   Workers repair the cobbles PA121830 PA121831
PA121833 PA121834 PA121835 PA121836
PA121837 PA121838 PA121839 PA121840
PA121841 PA121842 PA121843 PA121844
PA121845 PA121846 PA121847 PA121848
PA121849 PA121850 PA121853 PA121856
PA121857 PA121858 PA121860 PA121861
PA121862   The old bridge on the Neckar PA121864 PA121865 PA121867
PA121868   Flood gauges showingthe highest water reached in record spring floods PA121869 PA121870 PA121871
PA121872 PA121873 PA121874 PA121875
PA121876 PA121877 PA121878 PA121881
PA121882 PA121883 PA121884 PA121885   The Evangelical Church, dating to the 1200s
PA121886 PA121888 PA121890 PA121891
PA121893 PA121894 PA121895 PA121896
PA121897 PA121898 PA121899 PA121900
PA121901 PA121902 PA121903 PA121906   A memorial to those killed in a medieval slaughter at the Church
PA121908 PA121909 PA121910 PA121911
PA121912 PA121913 PA121914   A memorial to the Chinese of Heidelburg PA121916   Up the long ramp to Geidelberg Castle
PA121917 PA121919 PA121920 PA121921   Good views of the city from near the Castle
PA121923 PA121924   The Neckar and the Old Bridge PA121925 PA121927
PA121929 PA121930 PA121931 PA121932
PA121935 PA121936 PA121937 PA121939
PA121940 PA121942 PA121943 PA121944
PA121945 PA121946 PA121947 PA121948   Enormous wine casks in the Castle cellar
PA121949 PA121950 PA121951 PA121952
PA121953   The wine cellar is now mostly used a sa restaurant PA121954 PA121956 PA121957
PA121959 PA121961 PA121962 PA121963
PA121964 PA121965 PA121966 PA121967
PA121968 PA121969 PA121971 PA121972
PA121973   Yes, a dead tree PA121974 PA121976 PA121978
PA121979 PA121980 PA121981   The Hotel Ritter also dates to the 1200s PA121982
PA121984 PA121987 PA121989