Germany Konstanz

PA091425   KONSTANZ - CITY Bicyckes outside the Arnhold apartment PA091426   Along Reuterstrasse toward the city center PA091427 PA091428
PA091429 PA091430 PA091431 PA091432
PA091433 PA091434 PA091435 PA091436
PA091438   Passing under the autobahn PA091439   The bridge across the Rhine PA091440 PA091441
PA091442   The minicipal fireboat PA091443   Harbor warning signs stored PA091444   The marina PA091445   Looking up the Rhine
PA091446   A family sports center/gym PA091447   On Gartenstrasse PA091448 PA091449   Heading down toward Unter Laube
PA091450   The Paradies district PA091451 PA091453   Unter Laube and the Central district PA091454
PA091455 PA091456 PA091457 PA091458
PA091460 PA091461 PA091462 PA091463
PA091464 PA091465 PA091466 PA091467
PA091468 PA091469 PA091470 PA091471
PA091472 PA091474 PA091475 PA091476
PA091477 PA091478 PA091479 PA091480
PA091481 PA091482 PA091484 PA091485
PA091486 PA091487 PA091488 PA091489
PA091491 PA091492 PA091494 PA091495   Back in Paradies
PA091496   A typical city roundabout PA091498 PA091499 PA091500
PA091501 PA091503 PA091504 PA091505
PA091506 PA091507 PA091509 PA091510
PA091511 PA091512