PA202496   PARIS At Le Meridien Etoile PA212510   PARIS - CITY PA212513   The old Orsay railroad stattion, now an art museum PA212515   A trip on the RER
PA212534   The statue of Chrlemagne at Notre-Dame PA212535   Notre Dame, the cathedral at the center of Ile de La Cité PA212541 PA212572   At the Hotel Maridien Etoile
PA212573   The neighborhoold at the Meridien PA212581 PA212585   The Seine near La Défense PA212586   La Défense, the modern office complex just outside the Péripherique
PA212594 PA212620 PA212632 PA212633   A self-portrait
PA212635 PA212636 PA212637 PA212638
PA212640 PA212642   L'Arche de La Défense PA212643 PA212644
PA212646 PA212648 PA212649 PA212650
PA212651 PA212652 PA212653 PA212654
PA212655 PA212659 PA212661 PA212662
PA212663 PA212664 PA212666 PA212667
PA212670 PA212671 PA212672 PA212674
PA212676 PA212678   The Neuilly neighborhood PA212680 PA212681
PA212682   Montmartre PA212683 PA212688 PA212690
PA212691 PA212692 PA212693 PA212695
PA212700 PA212701 PA212702 PA212705
PA212707 PA212711 PA212713 PA212714
PA212716 PA212718 PA212720 PA212721
PA212724 PA212725 PA212726 PA212727
PA212730 PA212733 PA212734 PA212736
PA212737 PA212738 PA212740 PA212742
PA212743 PA212744 PA212746 PA212751
PA212752 PA212757 PA212759 PA212763
PA212767 PA212768 PA212774 PA212775
PA212776 PA212778 PA212779 PA212781
PA212784 PA212785 PA212786 PA212788
PA212796 PA212798 PA212801 PA212805
PA212808 PA212809 PA222816   PARIS - SOUTH Le Châtelet Metro station PA222817   On the Île de France side first...
PA222818 PA222820 PA222822 PA222823
PA222824 PA222825 PA222826 PA222827
PA222828 PA222829 PA222831 PA222833
PA222836   Crossing the Seine into the Latin Quarter PA222837 PA222840 PA222841
PA222842 PA222844 PA222848 PA222850
PA222851 PA222852 PA222853 PA222854
PA222856 PA222857 PA222859 PA222860   The Sorbonne
PA222861 PA222863 PA222864 PA222865
PA222866   The Panthéon, where the country's greatest are interred PA222867   Built in 1744 by Louis XV (architect Soufflot) and rededicated as a secular hall of heroes after the Revolution PA222869 PA222870
PA222871 PA222872 PA222873 PA222875
PA222876   The Revolution is honored PA222877 PA222879 PA222880
PA222882 PA222884 PA222885 PA222886
PA222888 PA222889 PA222891   The site of Foucault's famed 1851 pendulum experiment PA222892
PA222893 PA222897 PA222898   Under the main floor, the crypt of Voltaire PA222900   ...and Marie Curie
PA222902 PA222904 PA222905 PA222906
PA222907 PA222908 PA222909 PA222910   New construction at the University
PA222913 PA222914   Along the left bank toward the Jardin des Plantes PA222915   The Gare d'Austerlitz PA222916   A market near the Pitié Salpetrière
PA222920   Starting at the Salpetrière, a grand neighborhood PA222921 PA222923 PA222924
PA222926 PA222929 PA222931 PA222932
PA222933 PA222935   The Boulevard St. Michel starts here PA222937 PA222938
PA222939 PA222940 PA222941 PA222942
PA222943 PA222944 PA222945   These DeCaux street toilet have replaced the traditional Parisian pissoirs PA222946
PA222947   The Jardin de Luxembourg PA222949 PA222950 PA222951
PA222952 PA222953 PA222954 PA222955
PA222956 PA222957 PA222959 PA222961
PA222962 PA222963 PA222964 PA222967   Crosing the Seine agin at the nprthern end of the Boul' Mich
PA222968   A police boat speeds by PA222969 PA222970 PA222971
PA222972 PA222974 PA222976 PA222977
PA222978 PA222979 PA222981 PA222982
PA222983 PA222984 PA222985 PA222988   On the north bank
PA222989 PA222991 PA222992 PA222994
PA222995   South face of the Louvre PA222997 PA222998 PA222999
PA223000 PA223001 PA223003 PA223005
PA223006 PA223007 PA223008   The Jardin des Tuileries, once surrounding a palace hat has burned down PA223010
PA223011 PA223012 PA223013 PA223014
PA223016 PA223017 PA223018 PA223019
PA223021 PA223022 PA223023 PA223024
PA223025 PA223026   The Tuileries is full of sculpture clasic and  modern. This 'gazebo of doors' is an example. PA223028 PA223029   A dead tree rendered as sculpture
PA223030 PA223033 PA223034 PA223036   Cain ashamed for his killing of Abel
PA223037 PA223040   Theseus slaying the Minotaur PA223042 PA223043
PA223046 PA223047 PA223049 PA223050
PA223052 PA223053 PA223055 PA223056
PA223058 PA223059 PA223061 PA223063
PA223064 PA223066   Commemmorating the Gardens' architect, André LeNotre PA223068 PA223070   Place de la Concorde and the Hotel Crillon
PA223072 PA223075 PA223080 PA223082
PA223083 PA223084 PA223085   Concorde station on the Metro