Switzerland Basel

PA131998   SWITZERLAND - BASEL PA131999 PA132000 PA132004
PA132005 PA132006   It's recycling day for paper PA132008   Condo construction at the end of the street PA132009
PA132010 PA132012 PA132013 PA132014   The Smart Fortwo, smallest car sold here
PA132015   Beach volleyball is now an Olympic sport PA132016 PA132018 PA132019   Demolition of an old pharmacy
PA132020 PA132021   Lindenplatz Park PA132022 PA132023
PA132024 PA132025   Whose are these? Who knows? PA132026 PA132027   Old folks'assisted living housing
PA132028   This walkway runs behind the apartment building near the French border PA142031 PA142032   Old military bunkers close to the French border PA142033   Is this a survey marker
PA142034 PA142036 PA142037 PA142038
PA142039   Even at this late date, garden flowers proliferate PA142040 PA142041 PA142042
PA142043 PA142044   Old town Allschwil PA142045 PA142046
PA142047 PA142048   A log sliced into sections, some mossy PA142049 PA142050
PA142051 PA142052   Basel's new tramsets PA142053   These 'kiosks' are found at each major tram stop PA142055
PA142056 PA142057 PA142058 PA142059
PA142060 PA142061 PA142062 PA142063
PA142064 PA142065 PA142066 PA142067
PA142068 PA142069 PA142070 PA142071
PA142072   The Old Allschwil park PA142073 PA142074   ...with a lily pond PA142075
PA142076 PA142077 PA142078 PA142079
PA142080 PA142081 PA142082 PA142083
PA142084 PA142085 PA142086 PA142087
PA142088 PA142089 PA142090 PA142091
PA142092 PA142093 PA142094 PA142095
PA142097 PA142099 PA142100 PA142101
PA142102   Access to the walkway near the Mollenkopf place PA142104   Sheep are still grazed along the walkway PA142105 PA142106
PA142107   AT the SBB station PA142108 PA142109 PA172175
PA172176 PA172177 PA172178 PA172179
PA172180 PA172181 PA172182   Heading to the industrial zone of Basel PA172183
PA172184 PA172185 PA172186 PA172187
PA172188   Kannonfeld Park PA172189 PA172190 PA172191
PA172192 PA172193 PA172194   Along Luzernerring PA172195
PA172196   Dreirosenbrücke and the Novartis campus PA172197 PA172199   The Rhine PA172200
PA172201   An excursion boat PA172202   On a playground near the river PA172203 PA172204
PA172206 PA172207 PA172208 PA172209
PA172210 PA172211 PA172212 PA172213
PA172214 PA172215 PA172216 PA172217
PA172218 PA172220 PA172221   The Three Kings Hotel, recent site of "Aïda" PA172222
PA172223 PA172224   Into central Basel PA172225 PA172226
PA172227 PA172228 PA172229 PA172230   City Hall is being renovated - again
PA172232 PA172233 PA172234   These illuminated boards now indicate tram status PA172235
PA172236 PA172237   Up the Münsterberg, Cathedral Hill PA172239   Parts of Basel Cathedral date to the 800s PA172240
PA172241 PA172242 PA172244 PA172245
PA172246 PA172249 PA172250 PA172251
PA172252 PA172253 PA172254 PA172256
PA172257 PA172258 PA172259 PA172261
PA172264 PA172265 PA172266   The area behind the Cathedral PA172267
PA172268 PA172269 PA182270   Home-cooked onion and cheese torte PA182271   Home-cooked onion and cheese torte
PA182272   Home-cooked onion and cheese torte PA182273   Home-cooked onion and cheese torte PA182274   Home-cooked onion and cheese torte PA182276
PA182277   House at the Beyler Foundation Museum of Art PA182278 PA182279 PA182281   The main builing at the Beyeler
PA182282 PA182283   Grounds of the Beyeler PA182285   Schifflände PA182286
PA182287   Basel Altstadt PA182288 PA182289 PA182291
PA182292 PA182293 PA182294 PA182295
PA182296 PA182297 PA182298 PA182299
PA182300 PA182301 PA182304 PA182305
PA182307 PA182308 PA182309 PA182310   Readying a Ferris wheel for Herbstmesse
PA182312 PA182313 PA182316 PA182317
PA182318 PA182320 PA182321 PA182322
PA182323 PA182324 PA182325 PA182326
PA182327 PA182328 PA182329 PA182330
PA182331 PA182332 PA182333 PA182334
PA182335 PA182336 PA182337 PA182338
PA182339 PA182340 PA182341   St. Albans PA182343
PA182344 PA182345 PA182346 PA182347
PA182348 PA182349 PA182351 PA182352
PA182353 PA182354 PA182355   Toward the SBB station PA182356   The new underground approach to the SBB Station on the north side...
PA182357   With parking for thousands of bicycles PA182358 PA182359   This is a fancy pay restroom, with showers as an option PA182360   Inside the SBB Station
PA182361 PA182362 PA182363 PA182367
PA182368 PA182369 PA182370 PA182371
PA182373   Margarethen Park, south of the SBB Station PA182374 PA182375 PA182376   Apartment building with a Russian tower
PA182377   On Holeestrasse toward Allschwil PA182378   Crossing over the Zoo PA182381 PA182382   A pocket gas station and garage
PA182383   Aunt Helli's assisted living on Holeestrasse PA182384 PA192385   Lunch at Barfüsserplatz PA192386   A tram in Basel football colors
PA192388 PA192389   At the Walliser Kanne with Lisbeth and Lea PA192390 PA192391
PA192393 PA192394   As we eat, work is being done on the outside of the restaurant PA192395 PA192396
PA192397   The PTT Building PA192398 PA192399   The Spalenberg neighborhood PA192400
PA192401 PA192403 PA192404 PA192405
PA192406 PA192407 PA192409 PA192410   Across the Rhine in Kleinbasel
PA192411 PA192413 PA192414   Kleinbasel has an Altstadt of its own PA192415
PA192416 PA192417 PA192418 PA192419
PA192420 PA192421 PA192422   Claraplatz PA192423
PA192424 PA192425 PA192426 PA192427   Thw Warteck brewery
PA192428 PA192429 PA192431 PA192433
PA192434 PA192435 PA192436 PA192437
PA192438   Back in the Barfüsserplatz neighborhood PA192439 PA192440 PA192441
PA192442 PA192443 PA192444 PA192445
PA192446 PA192447 PA192448 PA192450
PA192451 PA192452 PA192453 PA192454
PA192455 PA192456 PA192458   Spalentor PA192459
PA192461 PA192462 PA192463   Near the University... PA192464   ...plans for the Herbstmesse are almost final
PA192465 PA192466 PA192467 PA192469
PA192470   Near the SBB Station PA192471 PA192472 PA192473
PA192474 PA192475 PA192476 PA192477
PA192478 PA192479 PA192480 PA192481
PA192482 PA192483 PA192484 PA192485
PA192486   Allotment gardens on Gotthardstrasse PA192487 PA192488