Switzerland Jura

PB064805   JURA: The hills above Lengnau, toward Peterlen PB064807 PB064809 PB064810
PB064811 PB064812 PB064814 PB064815
PB064816 PB064817 PB064818 PB064819
PB064820 PB064821 PB064822 PB064824   Back to LEngnau on the highway
PB064825 PB064826 PB064828 PB064829
PB064830 PB064831 PB064832 PB064834
PB064835 PB064836 PB074870 PB074871
PB084872   JURA: In and near Lengnau PB084873 PB084874 PB084877
PB084878 PB084879 PB084880 PB084881
PB084882 PB084883 PB084884 PB084885
PB084886 PB084889 PB084890   The Aare PB084892
PB084893   These boats are buttoned down for the winter PB084894   Farms aong the Aare PB084895 PB084896
PB084897 PB084899 PB084900 PB084901
PB084902 PB084906 PB084907 PB084908
PB084910 PB084911 PB084912 PB084913