Griffith Park Neighborhood

Along Franklin between Vine St. and Commonwealth
PB245000   GRIFFITH PARK NEIGHBORHOOD PB245001   This seems to be where the money is in Hollywood now PB245006   A hummingbord's nest PB245009
PB245011   Trails in Griffith Park PB245012   The historic Griffith Observatory and below it, the Greek Theater PB245013   Looking southwest PB245014
PB245016 PB245017 PB245018 PB245019   The rescue helipad
PB245020 PB245021 PB245022   Toward Burbank PB245024
PB245026 PB245028 PB245029 PB245030   A survey benchmark on Glendale Summit
PB245031 PB245034 PB245036 PB245037