IMG 1090   Lobby of the Motel 6 IMG 1091 IMG 1092 IMG 1093   The Mounai coffee shop around the corner
PB214621   View from the Motel 6, onto Whitley Avenue PB214622 PB214623 PB214624   The corner of Hollywood Bl
PB214625   The old location of Frederick's PB214626 PB214628 PB214629
PB214630 PB214633 PB214634 PB214636
PB214638 PB214639 PB214641 PB214642
PB214643 PB214644   Heading south on Vine St PB214647 PB214648
PB214649 PB214650 PB214651 PB214652
PB214653 PB214654 PB214655 PB214656   The Cinerama Dome, now part of Arclight Theater
PB214657 PB214658   Sweeping entrance of the Cinerama PB214659 PB214660
PB214661 PB214662 PB214663   One of the many Scientology front operations in the Hollywood area PB214664
PB214665   Once the oldest outdoor shopping mall in the US, Crossroads of the World is now an office complex PB214666 PB214667 PB214669   Current location of Frederick's
PB214671 PB214672   Lucky Devil Burger PB214676 IMG 1094   Bar at the Arclight Theater
IMG 1095 IMG 1096   Lobby of the Arclight IMG 1097 IMG 1098
PB214677   The Hollywood/Highland Center, a new shopping and residential complex PB214678   This part of the decor is taken from DW Griffith's silent classic "Intolerance" PB214679 PB214680
PB214681   The central courtyard PB214682 PB214683 PB214684
PB214685 PB214687 PB214688 PB214689
PB214690 PB214691 PB214692   The same complex incorporates a subway station and the Kodak Theater, home of the Oscars PB214693
PB214694 PB214695 PB214697   Across the street: the El Capitan, flagship theater for Paramount Pictures and then Walt Disney PB214698   Front entrance of Hollywood/Highland
PB214699   Sidewalk trompe l'oeuil chalk art used as advertising PB214700 PB214702   Grauman's Chinese Theater PB214703
PB214704 PB214705 PB214706 PB214707
PB214708 PB214709 PB214710 PB214711
PB214712 PB214714 PB214715 PB214716
PB214718 PB214720   On the Walk of Fame, you can buy anything PB214722 PB214723
PB214724 PB214725 PB214726 PB214727
PB214728 PB214729 PB214730 PB214731
PB214732 PB214733 PB214734   This complex also offers good views of the Hollywood sign PB214735
PB214736 PB214737 PB214738 PB214739
PB214741 PB214743 PB214744 PB214746
PB214747 PB214748 PB214750 PB214751
PB214752 PB214753 PB214754 PB214755
PB214758 PB214759 PB214760 PB224761   Morning at Hollywood/Highland
PB224762 PB224764 PB224765 PB224766
PB224768 PB224769 PB224772 PB224773
PB224774   Taking the subway to Long Beach PB224775 PB224776 PB224777
PB224778 PB234973 PB234974 PB234975
PB234976 PB234977 PB234978 PB234980
PB234981 PB234982 PB234983 PB234984
PB234985 PB234986 PB234987 PB234988
PB234989 PB234990 PB234991 PB234993
PB234994 PB234995 PB234996 PB234997