Orange Empire Railroad Museum

PB204501   ORANGE EMPIRE RAILROAD MUSEUM PB204502   A large space manned by different groups of volunteers PB204503   The gift shop PB204504
PB204505   Traditional freight rolling stock PB204506 PB204507 PB204508   A minicipal interurban car
PB204511   Most of the equipment here is still awaiting restoration PB204512 PB204513 PB204514
PB204515 PB204517 PB204518 PB204519
PB204520 PB204521 PB204522 PB204524
PB204525 PB204526 PB204527 PB204528
PB204529 PB204530   An old passenger car that had been used as a diner for many years PB204531 PB204532   Restoration takes place in these barns
PB204533 PB204535 PB204536 PB204537
PB204539 PB204540 PB204541 PB204542
PB204543 PB204545   One of the Pacific Electric Red Cars. Thes served the Los Angeles area until 1952. PB204546 PB204548
PB204549 PB204550 PB204551 PB204552
PB204553 PB204555 PB204556 PB204557
PB204558 PB204559 PB204561 PB204562
PB204564 PB204565 PB204566 PB204567
PB204568 PB204569 PB204570 PB204571
PB204572   The "5-window front" of a classic Red Car PB204573   Minicial cars from various cities PB204574 PB204575
PB204576 PB204577 PB204578 PB204579
PB204580 PB204581 PB204583 PB204584
PB204585 PB204586 PB204588 PB204589
PB204592 PB204593 PB204594 PB204595
PB204597 PB204598 PB204599 PB204600
PB204601 PB204602 PB204603 PB204604
PB204605 PB204606 PB204607 PB204608
PB204610 PB204612 PB204613 PB204615
PB204616 PB204617 PB204618 PB204619