Portland City

P6281159   PORTLAND - DOWNTOWN P6281160 P6281161 P6281162
P6281163 P6281164 P6281166 P6281167
P6281169 P6281170 P6281171   The Yamhill district P6281172
P6281173 P6281174   A MAX tram P6281175 P6281176
P6281186 P6281188 P6281189 P6281190   Seal and beaver scultures on the sidewalk
P6281191 P6281193 P6281194 P6281195
P6281196 P7021596 P7021597 P7021598
P7021600 P7021601 P7021602 P7021603
P7021604 P7021605 P7021606   Powell's Books, the world's largest P7021607
P7021608 P7021609 P7021610 P7021611   The entrance to Chinatown
P7021612   Not much of Chinatown remains P7021615 P7021616 P7021617   The old-time hexagonal "bathroom tile" at a building entrance
P7021618   Voodoo Doughnut is also a Portland icon P7021619 P7021620 P7021621
P7021622 P7021623 P7021624 P7021625
P7021626 P7021627 P7021628 P7021629
P7021675 P7021676 P7021677 P7021678
P7021680 P7021682 P7021685 P7021688
P7021689 P7021690 P7021691 P7021693
P7021694 P7021695 P7021696 P7021698
P7021699 P7021701 P7021702 P7021704
P7021707 P7021709 P7021711 P7021712
P7021714 P7021715 P7021716 P7021813   Music in Pioneer Square
P7021814 P7021815 P7021816 P7021817
P7021818 P7021819 P7021820 P7021821
P7021822 P7021823 P7041855 P7041857
P7041858 P7041859 P7041860 P7041862
P7041863 P7041910 P7041912   Portland State University, and then along Park St, P7041913
P7041915 P7041916 P7041917 P7041918
P7041919   Teddy Roosevelt P7041920 P7041921 P7041922
P7041923 P7041924 P7041925 P7041928
P7041929 P7041930 P7041931 P7041932   Sleeping it off in Skid Row
P7041933 P7041934   The Chinese Garden P7041935 P7041936
P7041937 P7041938 P7041939 P7041940
P7041941 P7041942 P7041943 P7041944
P7041945 P7041946 P7041947 P7041948
P7041950 P7041951 P7041952 P7041953
P7041954 P7041955 P7041956 P7041957
P7041958 P7041959 P7041960 P7041961
P7041962 P7041963 P7041964 P7041965
P7041966 P7041967 P7041968 P7041969
P7041970 P7041971 P7041972 P7041973
P7041974 P7041975 P7041976 P7041977
P7041978 P7041979 P7041980 P7041981
P7041982 P7041983 P7041984 P7041985
P7041986 P7041987 P7041988 P7041989
P7041990 P7041991 P7041993 P7041994
P7041995   Elsewhere in Chinatown P7041996