Portland Mt St Helens

P6291215   MOUNT ST HELENS P6291216   This Forest Service visitor station, at the mouth of Toutle Creek, fifty miles from the mountain, was built long before the 1980 eruption P6291218 P6291219
P6291220 P6291221 P6291222 P6291224
P6291225 P6291226 P6291227 P6291228
P6291229 P6291230 P6291231 P6291232
P6291233 P6291234 P6291236 P6291239
P6291240 P6291241 P6291242   After the eruption, Toutle Creek went from being a swift-flowing stream to a series of lakes dammed by volcanic ash P6291243
P6291244 P6291245 P6291246 P6291247
P6291248   Picnicking at a rainy outdoor rest area near the new Visitor Center P6291249 P6291250 P6291251
P6291252 P6291253 P6291255 P6291256
P6291257 P6291258 P6291259 P6291261
P6291262 P6291263 P6291264 P6291265
P6291266   The new, post-eruption Visitor Center P6291267 P6291269   The fog lifts just long enough for a view of the mountain P6291270
P6291271 P6291272 P6291273 P6291274
P6291275 P6291276 P6291279 P6291281
P6291282 P6291285 P6291288 P6291289
P6291292 P6291293 P6291296 P6291297
P6291298 P6291299 P6291300 P6291301
P6291302   Back inside the Visitor Center, kids use the demonstration seismograph as a dance machine P6291303 P6291304 P6291305
P6291306 P6291307