Portland Waterfront

P6281178 P6281179 P6281180 P6281181
P6281183 P6281184 P7021631   PORTLAND - WATERFRONT P7021632
P7021633   Memorial to the Japanese imprisoned during WW II P7021634 P7021635 P7021636
P7021637 P7021638   The Saturday Market P7021639 P7021640
P7021641 P7021642 P7021643 P7021644
P7021645 P7021646 P7021648   Food trucks are everywhere in Portland P7021649
P7021650 P7021651 P7021652 P7021653
P7021654 P7021655 P7021656 P7021657
P7021658 P7021659   The waterfront park P7021660 P7021661
P7021662 P7021663 P7021664 P7021666
P7021667 P7021668 P7021669 P7021670
P7021671 P7021672 P7021673   At Naito and Taylor: Mill Ends Park, world's smallest P7021674
P7021681 P7021683 P7021686 P7021687
P7021697 P7021700 P7021703 P7021705
P7021708 P7021713   A tour of the bridges starts with the stone indicating the highest historic flood on the WIllamette P7021718   The Oregon Departmtation HQent of Transport P7021719   In this traffic monitoring room, a lone operator can select streams from 200 freeway cameras onto a wall of displays
P7021720   When an incident occurs, any camera can be manually pivoted and zoomed P7021721   Steel Bridge, the oldest in town P7021724   A working grain elevator P7021725   Modern freeway construction
P7021726 P7021728   The lower deck of Steel Bridge is BNSF freight and Amtrak P7021729 P7021731
P7021733   The upper deck is for MAX light rail P7021735 P7021736 P7021737
P7021738 P7021740 P7021741 P7021742
P7021743 P7021744   Here comes the Amtrak! P7021746 P7021748
P7021749 P7021750 P7021752 P7021753
P7021754   RAising Steel Bridge for a small boat. The river is ubusually high because of this year's wet winter P7021757 P7021758 P7021761   On the east bank, this freeway spur was cancelled in favor of light rail
P7021762 P7021763 P7021764   On the East Bank Esplanade, a floating footbridge P7021766   The red poles are piles driven into the bottom. The bridge rides up and down with the tides and waves.
P7021767   Approachiongthe Burnside Bridge, which carries a major surface street P7021769 P7021770   Although higher than Steel Bridge, it must be opened for the largest ships P7021771
P7021772   An operator in this green tower raises the bascule arms when necessary P7021773 P7021774 P7021775   Heading up onto the Birnside
P7021776   The street deck P7021777   The Esplanade below us P7021778 P7021779
P7021780 P7021782 P7021783   Tim, the bridge operator P7021784   Climbing into the operator's control tower
P7021785   The operator's touchscreen P7021787 P7021789 P7021790
P7021792 P7021793 P7021798   The bascule arms opening P7021799
P7021800 P7021801 P7021803 P7021806
P7021808   Only in Portland: when the drawbridge lowers, a troop of Santa impersonators passes by P7021809   The Saturday Market below us P7021812 P7041864   Along the east bank of the Willamette
P7041865 P7041867 P7041868 P7041869
P7041870 P7041871 P7041872 P7041873
P7041874   Near the Oregon International Science Museum, a statue of Vera Katz, who funded the trail along the east bank P7041875 P7041876 P7041877
P7041878 P7041879 P7041880 P7041881
P7041882 P7041883 P7041884 P7041886
P7041887 P7041888 P7041889 P7041890
P7041891 P7041893   A cement plant near Ross Island P7041894   Crossing back to the west bank... P7041895   ...to the Blues Festival area on the waterfrint park at the west end of the bridge
P7041896 P7041897 P7041899 P7041900
P7041901 P7041902 P7041903 P7041904
P7041905 P7041907 P7041908 P7041909