San Diego Downtown

P4279559   SAN DIEGO DOWNTOWN Horton Plaza P4279560   Innovative architecture in a tri-level shopping mall, downtown SD P4279562 P4279563
P4279564 P4279565 P4279566 P4279568
P4279569 P4279570 P4279571 P4279573
P4279574 P4279576 P4279577 P4279580
P4279583 P4279584 P4279587 P4279588   Back on the streets in the same area
P4279590 P4279591 P4279592 P4279593
P4279594 P4279595 P4279596   The Santa Fe Amtrak station P4279597
P4279598 P4279599 P4279600 P4279601
P4279602   The local tram. This line runs to the Mexican border. P4279606 P4279611   The Maritime Museum This consists of five ships P4279612   The Star of India, built 1820 in Isle of Man
P4279613 P4279614 P4279615 P4279616
P4279617 P4279618 P4279620 P4279621
P4279622 P4279623 P4279624 P4279625
P4279626 P4279627 P4279629 P4279630
P4279631 P4279632 P4279633 P4279634
P4279636 P4279637 P4279638 P4279639
P4279640 P4279641 P4279642 P4279644
P4279645 P4279646 P4279647 P4279649
P4279650 P4279651 P4279652 P4279653
P4279654 P4279655 P4279656 P4279657
P4279658 P4279659 P4279661 P4279662
P4279663   A re-creation of an immigrant passage. The ship at one time carried British migrants to New Zealand. P4279664 P4279665 P4279666
P4279667 P4279668   Replica of the HMS Surprise Used as a movie set P4279669 P4279671
P4279672 P4279673 P4279674 P4279675
P4279676 P4279677 P4279678 P4279679
P4279680 P4279681 P4279682 P4279683
P4279684 P4279685 P4279686 P4279688
P4279689 P4279690 P4279691 P4279692
P4279693 P4279694 P4279695   Soviet Submarine B-39 A Kilo-class sub of the Cold War P4279696
P4279697 P4279698 P4279699   This sub was commissioned in 1972 P4279701   It served for 20 years and is about 300 ft long
P4279702   The sub is divided into three major sections connected by these small round pressure hatches... P4279703 P4279704 P4279705
P4279706 P4279707   ...Within each section, regular-size watertight doors P4279708 P4279709
P4279710 P4279711 P4279712 P4279713
P4279714 P4279715 P4279716 P4279717
P4279718 P4279719 P4279720 P4279721
P4279722 P4279723 P4279724 P4279725
P4279726 P4279727 P4279728 P4279729
P4279730 P4279731 P4279732 P4279733
P4279734 P4279735 P4279736   An America Cup winner from years ago P4279737
P4279738 P4279739   The steam ferry Berkeley P4279740 P4279741
P4279743 P4279744 P4279745 P4279746
P4279747 P4279754   Along Beech Street, starting at the waterfront P4279756 P4279757
P4279758 P4279760 P4279761 P4279763
P4279765 P4279767 P5010378 P5010379
P5010380 P5010381 P5010382 P5010384   Parasailers