San Diego Embarcadero

P4269342   THE EMBARCADERO Light rail station outside the Convention Center P4269343 P4269344   Crossing the Convention Center using the large set of stairways P4269345
P4269346 P4269348 P4269349 P4269350
P4269351 P4269352 P4269353 P4269354
P4269355   The marina on the bay side of the SDCC P4269356 P4269357 P4269358
P4269359 P4269361 P4269362 P4269363
P4269364 P4269365 P4269367 P4269368
P4269369 P4269370   Shopping and dining on the waterfront north of the Convention Center P4269371 P4269372
P4269373 P4269374 P4269375 P4269376
P4269377 P4269378 P4269379 P4269380   A monument to the city's role in WW II
P4269381 P4269550 P4269551 P4269552
P4269553 P4269554 P4269555 P4269556
P4269557 P4269558 P4279607   Pedicabs run along the waterfront P4279608
P4279609 P4279610 P4279748 P4279749
P4279750 P4279751 P4279753