San Diego Gaslamp District

P4269240   GASLAMP DISTRICT San Diego's old downtown P4269242   Across the corner from Horton House P4269243 P4269244
P4269245   Hennessey's Pub P4269246 P4269247   In Hennessey's P4269248
P4269249 P4269250 P4269252 P4269254   This wall titled, “Don’t Believe the Hype” is part of the exhibition “Viva la Revolucion: A dialogue with the urban landscape” organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego 2010!
P4300309   Gaslamp by night P4300310 P4300311 P4300312
P4300313 P4300316 P4300319 P4300320
P4300321 P4300322 P4300324 P4300325
P4300326 P4300328 P4300329 P4300331
P4300332 P4300337 P4300338 P4300339
P4300341 P4300343 P4300346 P4300347
P4300348 P4300349 P4300350 P4300353
P4300355 P4300357 P4300359 P4300360
P4300362 P4300363 P4300364 P4300365
P4300366 P4300367 P4300368 P4300369
P4300370 P4300371 P4300372 P4300374