San Diego Ocean Beach

P4289875   OCEAN BEACH A community north of SD with retains its Sixties feel P4289878   This section of beach allows dogs to run free P4289879 P4289880
P4289883 P4289888 P4289889 P4289890
P4289892 P4289893 P4289894 P4289895
P4289898 P4289900 P4289901 P4289902
P4289904 P4289905 P4289906 P4289907
P4289908 P4289909 P4289910 P4289911
P4289912 P4289913 P4289914 P4289916
P4289917 P4289918 P4289919 P4289920
P4289921 P4289922 P4289923 P4289924
P4289925 P4289926 P4289927 P4289928
P4289929 P4289930 P4289931 P4289932
P4289933 P4289935 P4289937 P4289938
P4289939 P4289940 P4289941 P4289942
P4289943 P4289944 P4289945 P4289946
P4289947 P4289948   A lawn of iceplant P4289949 P4289950   A wall of bougainvillea
P4289951 P4289952   Point Loma Park P4289953 P4289955
P4289956 P4289957 P4289958   The statue of Cabrillo, who discovered California P4289959
P4289960   Looking toward Coronado Island Naval Base P4289962 P4289963 P4289965
P4289969 P4289970   The Visitor Center P4289972 P4289973
P4289974 P4289975 P4289976   The Point Loma Light P4289977   One of the Fresnel lenses that were used
P4289978   The tender's apartment P4289979 P4289980   The light P4289981   Looking down the staircase...
P4289983   ...and looking up P4289984   The tender's garden P4289985   These buildings constituted the Light P4289986
P4289988   Today's communications relay towers P4289989 P4289991 P4289992