San Diego The Carrier Midway

Touring a post - WW II carrier
P4269382   THE CARRIER MIDWAY, CV 41 Operational from 1945 to 1991 P4269383   One elevator on either side, each holding 2 aircraft P4269384 P4269386
P4269387   The hangar deck P4269388 P4269389   In her WW II initial configuration, Midway carried 88 planes P4269390   This count decreased slightly in two subsequent redesigns
P4269391 P4269392 P4269393 P4269394
P4269395   Enlisted men's quarters P4269396 P4269397 P4269398
P4269399 P4269400   Ship's store P4269401   Enlisted crew bunks P4269402
P4269403 P4269404 P4269405 P4269407   The anchor chains and capstans
P4269408 P4269409 P4269410 P4269411
P4269412 P4269414 P4269415   Officer bunks P4269416   Shower model
P4269417 P4269418 P4269419 P4269420   Pilot briefing rooms
P4269421 P4269422 P4269423 P4269424
P4269425 P4269426 P4269427   An aircraft engine P4269428
P4269429 P4269430   In the brig, located low in the ship near the engine room P4269431 P4269432
P4269433 P4269434 P4269435   BUnks in the cells P4269436   Prisoner ration advisories
P4269437 P4269438 P4269439 P4269440
P4269441 P4269442   Engine controls and the engine room... P4269443 P4269445
P4269446 P4269447 P4269448 P4269449
P4269451 P4269452   Chillers for the sensitive electronics P4269453 P4269454
P4269455 P4269456 P4269457   Back on the hangar deck, a Vietnamese general flew this light observation plane to the Midway with his entire family during the 1975 Viet evacuation. P4269458
P4269459 P4269460 P4269461 P4269464
P4269465 P4269466 P4269468 P4269469   One of the elevators, capable of carrying 2 planes each
P4269470 P4269471 P4269472 P4269473
P4269474 P4269475 P4269477 P4269478
P4269479 P4269480 P4269481 P4269482
P4269483 P4269484 P4269485 P4269486
P4269487 P4269489 P4269490 P4269492   Ready rooms for flight
P4269493 P4269494 P4269495 P4269496
P4269497 P4269498 P4269499 P4269500
P4269501 P4269502   In WW II, folding wings enabled more planes to be stowed P4269503 P4269504
P4269505   Up in the 'island', or flight control superstructure P4269506   Flight control P4269507 P4269508
P4269510 P4269511 P4269512   The navigation area, with charts P4269513
P4269514 P4269515 P4269516 P4269518
P4269519 P4269520 P4269521 P4269522
P4269524 P4269525 P4269526 P4269527
P4269528 P4269529 P4269530 P4269531
P4269532 P4269533 P4269534 P4269535
P4269536 P4269537 P4269538 P4269540
P4269541 P4269542 P4269544 P4269545
P4269546 P4269548 P4269549   Farewell to the MIdway!