Around Reno Jul 12

P7049427   AROUND RENO P7049428 P7049453   Casino entrance of the SIlver Legacy, with central dome P7049454   Across street from the Tri-Properties
P7049455   The Eldorado casino entrance P7049456   Looking at the Silver Legacy from the Reno Ballroom P7049457   Across street from REno Blllroom P7049458   Mezzanine bridging the Eldorado to the Silver LEgacy
P7059514 P7059515 P7059516 P7059517   West of the Silver Legacy...
P7059518 P7059519 P7059520 P7059521   A classic diner with a small casino, which was the Forties style
P7059522 P7059523 P7059524 P7059525
P7059526 P7069534   Looking east from the 18th floor, Silver Legacy P7069535 P7069536   Setting up for a weekend street festival just outside
P7069537 P7069539 P7069541   This "Reno Arch" was once the main entrance to town. This is the second Arch, built in 1963. P7069542
P7069543 P7069544 P7069545 P7069546
P7069547 P7069548 P7069549 P7069551   The Trickee River passes by the southern edge of downtown
P7069553   The Riverwalk is a pleasant way to beat the heat P7069554 P7069555 P7069556
P7069558 P7069559 P7069560 P7069561
P7069562 P7069563 P7069564 P7069565
P7069566 P7069567 P7069568 P7069569   Watching for fish swimming by
P7069570 P7069571 P7069573 P7069574
P7069575 P7069576 P7069578 P7069579   The Keystone Avenue overcrossing west of downtown on the Riverwalk
P7069580 P7069581 P7069582 P7069583
P7069584 P7069585 P7069586 P7069587
P7069588 P7069589 P7069590 P7069591
P7069592 P7069594   The original Reno Arch, built in 1926, was moved to this southerly location after being replaced P7069595 P7069596   The ballpark
P7069597 P7069599 P7069600 P7069601   Back at the street festival...
P7069602 P7069603 P7069605 P7069606
P7069607 P7069609 P7069610 P7069612
P7069616 P7069617 P7069619 P7069631
P7069632 P7069633 P7069634 P7069635
P7069636 P7069637 P7069638 P7069639
P7069654 P7069655 P7069656 P7069657
P7069658 P7069659 P7069660 P7069661
P7069662 P7069663 P7069664 P7069665
P7069666 P7069668 P7069670 P7069671
P7069672 P7069673 P7069675 P7069676
P7069677 P7069679 P7069680 P7069682
P7069683 P7069685 P7069689 P7069691
P7069694 P7069702 P7069704 P7069705
P7069706 P7069709 P7069712 P7069713   The Ballys trademark colonnade
P7069714 P7069715 P7069718 P7069720
P7069722 P7069723 P7069725   The Cal-Neva Casino P7069726
P7069727 P7069729 P7069732 P7069733
P7069735 P7069736   What's in here is a huge indoor rock climbing wall P7069737 P7069738
P7069739 P7069740 P7069741 P7069742
P7069743 P7069744 P7069746 P7079747
P7079748 P7079749 P7089751   A morning heading north from downtown... P7089752
P7089753   The UNR campus is just north of I-80 P7089754 P7089755 P7089756
P7089757 P7089758 P7089759 P7089760
P7089761 P7089762 P7089763 P7089764
P7089765 P7089766 P7089767 P7089768
P7089769 P7089770 P7089771 P7089772
P7089773   This little pond is at one corner of the campus P7089774 P7089775 P7089776
P7089777 P7089778 P7089779   The climbing wall building P7089781   Some downtown motocross...
P7089782 P7089786 P7089787 P7089788
P7089789 P7089791 P7089792 P7089793
P7089794 P7089795 P7089796 P7089798
P7089799 P7089800 P7089802 P7089807
IMG 1601   Eggs benedict at the Gold 'n Silver Inn