Colorado Springs Broadmoor Hotel Jun 12

A grand old hotel on the Front Range, next to the Cold War home of NORAD
P6278978   THE BROADMOOR HOTEL P6278979 P6278980 P6278981
P6278982 P6278983   The bar and outside deck: great views of Cheyenne Mountain P6278984   The hotel is built around its own lake P6278985
P6278987 P6278988 P6278989 P6278990
P6278991 P6278994 P6278996 P6278997
IMG 1563 P6279001 P6279004 P6279006
P6279007 P6279008 P6279009 P6279010
P6279011 P6279012 P6279013 P6279014
P6279015 P6279016 P6279017 P6279018
P6279019 P6279020 P6279022 P6279023
P6279024 P6279025 P6279026 P6279027
P6279028 P6279029 P6279030 P6279031
P6279032 P6279033 P6279034 P6279035
P6279036 P6279037 P6279038 P6279039