Virginia City NV Jul 12

A ride to the old gold mining center on a steam train. the 21-mi Truckee & Virginia City short line
P7039242   VIRGINIA CITY P7039243 P7039244 P7039246   The locomotive, a 2-8-2 used in the movie "Water for Elephants"
P7039249   Guests were enouraged to wear period dress for the occasion P7039251 P7039254 P7039255
P7039256 P7039257 P7039258 P7039259
P7039260 P7039262 P7039263 P7039264
P7039265 P7039266 P7039268 P7039269
P7039271 P7039272 P7039273 P7039274
P7039275 P7039277 P7039278 P7039280
P7039281 P7039283 P7039284 P7039287
P7039288 P7039290 P7039291 P7039293
P7039294   So many shafts were drilled into the Comstock Lode that a tital of 720 miles of tunnels were drievn among them P7039295 P7039299 P7039300
P7039301 P7039303 P7039304 P7039305
P7039306 P7039307   A collapsed rail tunnel on the line P7039308 P7039309   The Virginia City terminus
P7039310 P7039311 P7039312 P7039314
P7039315 P7039316   The steep climb to Main Street P7039317 P7039319
P7039320 P7039321 P7039322 P7039323
P7039324 P7039326 P7039327 P7039328
P7039329 P7039330 P7039331 P7039332
P7039333 P7039334 P7039336 P7039337
P7039338 P7039339 P7039340 P7039341   This old forehouse is now a firemen's museum...
P7039342 P7039343 P7039344 P7039345
P7039346 P7039348 P7039349 P7039350
P7039351 P7039352 P7039353 P7039354
P7039355 P7039356 P7039357 P7039358
P7039359 P7039362 P7039364 P7039366
P7039368 P7039369 P7039370 P7039371
P7039372 P7039373 P7039375 P7039376
P7039377 P7039378 P7039379 P7039380
P7039381 P7039382 P7039384 P7039385
P7039386 P7039387 P7039388   Who said crazy commentary started with the Internet? P7039389
P7039390 P7039391 P7039392 P7039393
P7039394   The Mining Museum... P7039395   A working demonstration stamp mill P7039396 P7039397
P7039398 P7039399 P7039401 P7039402
P7039403 P7039404 P7039405 P7039406
P7039407 P7039408 P7039409 P7039410
P7039411 P7039412 P7039413 P7039414
P7039415 P7039416