Boston Harvard, MIT Jul 14

A look at Boston's two great universities
P7020217   BOSTON - HARVARD AND MIT Crossing the Charles along Massachusetts Avenue from Back Bay P7020218 P7020219 P7020220   Artwork on the bridge
P7020221 P7020222 P7020223   The city of Cambridge, just north of MIT P7020224
P7020225   MIT frats P7020226 P7020227 P7020229   Mass Avenue is the main student drag for both campuses
P7020230 P7020231 P7020232   A decorated alley P7020233
P7020234   The 'Harvard end' of Mass Avenue P7020235 P7020236 P7020237   A Zipcar rental
P7020238 P7020239 P7020240 P7020241
P7020242 P7020243   A Harvard gate. Each of these gates has been donated by a graduating class. P7020244   Massachusetts Hall P7020245   The southernmost part of the Yard
P7020246 P7020247 P7020248 P7020249
P7020250   The Wadsworth House is the only remaining wooden building on campus. It is now used as offices. P7020251 P7020252 P7020253
P7020254 P7020255   Harvard Hall P7020256 P7020257   Massachusetts Hall is 56 years older than the US itself
P7020258   The Johnston Gate dates to 1889 P7020259 P7020260   Harvard Hall dates to 1766, but was preceded by an older, wooden Harvard Hall which burned down in 1764, already 100 years old P7020261
P7020262   The statue of John Harvard P7020263   The building nehind the statue is University Hall, home of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. It has often been a focal point for social protest. P7020264 P7020265
P7020266 P7020267   The new Science Center P7020268 P7020269   Inside the Science Center
P7020270 P7020271 P7020272 P7020273
P7020274 P7020275 P7020276 P7020277   The Holden Chapel
P7020278 P7020279 P7020280   Lionel Hall P7020281   The Phillips Brooks House
P7020283   A small dry fountain near the Science center P7020284   Memorial Hall P7020285 P7020286
P7020287 P7020288   Interior of Memorial Hall P7020289   Memorial Church. Chapel attendance was compulsory for the first 250 years of Harvard's existence. This changed in 1886. P7020290
P7020291   The Widener Library P7020292   The Houghton Library P7020293   The Lamont Library P7020294
P7020295 P7020296   South of Harvard, heading for the river P7020297   Off-campus Harvard residences P7020298   The Charles River directly below Harvard. MIT is downstream to the left.
P7020299 P7020301 P7020304 P7020305
P7020306   Simmons Hall P7020307 P7020308 P7020309
P7020310   Kresge Audiorium P7020311 P7020313 P7020315   Rogers Hall
P7020316 P7020317 P7020318 P7020319