Butterfly Wonderland Scottsdale Apr 14

A butterfly conservatory in Scottsdale
 Pupae waiting to hatch P4190123 P4190129   The first one we see is a monarch, which can nigrate thousands of miles P4190131   The conservatory
P4190132 P4190136   Common leopard P4190138 P4190140   Tailed jay
P4190148   Clipper P4190149 P4190152   Arched-wing Cattleheart P4190153
P4190155 P4190157 P4190160 P4190162
P4190163 P4190168 P4190170   Sapho longwing P4190176
P4190177 P4190180 P4190182 P4190184
P4190193 P4190197 P4190198 P4190199
P4190201 P4190203 P4190205 P4190206
P4190209   Blue king shoemaker P4190211   Grecian shoemaker P4190213 P4190217
P4190219 P4190222 P4190225   Blue king shoemaker P4190228
P4190229 P4190231 P4190232 P4190233
P4190236 P4190237 P4190240 P4190242
P4190246 P4190248 P4190250 P4190252
P4190254 P4190255 P4190258 P4190260
P4190263   Paper kite P4190265 P4190267 P4190273   Giant owl
P4190278 P4190280   Clipper P4190283 P4190286
P4190287 P4190289 P4190290 P4190291
P4190292 P4190293 P4190297 P4190299
P4190304 P4190306 P4190307 P4190309
P4190311 P4190312 P4190317 P4190318
P4190320 P4190321 P4190326 P4190327
P4190330 P4190334 P4190336 P4190339
P4190345 P4190349 P4190352 P4190358
P4190359 P4190362 P4190364 P4190365
P4190371 P4190375 P4190376 P4190378
P4190379 P4190380   Arched-wing Cattleheart P4190383 P4190385
P4190388 P4190389 P4190394 P4190396
P4190401 P4190402 P4190404 P4190406
P4190409 P4190413 P4190420   New guinea bird wing P4190425
P4190428 P4190430 P4190433 P4190434
P4190437   Costa Rica clearwing P4190441 P4190443 P4190445
P4190447 P4190449 P4190451 P4190453