Europe - Bath May 14`

A Roman hot spring spa in Somerset that was revived as a center of fashion in Georgian times
P5020131   BATH To minimize in-town traffic in this heavily visited place, there are park-and-ride lots around the city P5020132   This is a 'do not back up' device for parking lots P5020133   The parl-and-ride shuttle P5020134
P5020135   A classic 'high street' shopping district P5020136 P5020137 P5020138
P5020139 P5020140 P5020141   One of the first Georgian-era spas in Bath, built in 1737 P5020142
P5020143 P5020144 P5020145 P5020146   A busker's dog
P5020147   Not a statue, but a living person posing as one, freezing in position for hours. For tips, he will make small and surprising movements P5020149 P5020152 P5020154
P5020155   One of the nation's most prestigious department stores P5020156 P5020157   Sally Lunn's iconic teahouse. A Huguenot baker, Sally was creator of the first Bath bun. P5020158
P5020160 P5020161   A more modern icon, the Island Club was the place to go in the Eighties P5020162 P5020163
P5020164 P5020165 P5020166 P5020167
P5020168 P5020169   The Weir, where the Avon changes level P5020171 P5020172
P5020173 P5020174   Thesse stores line the Pulteney Bridge itself P5020175 P5020177
P5020178 P5020180 P5020181 P5020182
P5020183   THese Georgian houses feature full basements that are subdivided into apartments P5020184 P5020185 P5020186
P5020187 P5020188 P5020189   The cricket pitch P5020190
P5020191 P5020192 P5020193 P5020194
P5020195 P5020196 P5020197 P5020198   The Holbourn is a good place for lunch
P5020199 P5020201 P5020202 P5020203
P5020205 P5020206 P5020207 P5020209
P5020211 P5020212 P5020213 P5020214
P5020216 P5020217 P5020218 P5020219
P5020220 P5020222 P5020223   Bath Abbey is one of the best examples of fan vaulting P5020224
P5020226 P5020227 P5020229   So many people have been interred under the Abbey that the floor threatened to collapse and a major renovation was required P5020230
P5020231 P5020232 P5020233 P5020234
P5020236 P5020237 P5020238 P5020239
P5020240 P5020241 P5020242 P5020243
P5020244 P5020250   The baptismal font P5020251 P5020252
P5020253 P5020254 P5020256   The original Roman baths, plus upper stories that were added in Georgian times P5020258
P5020259 P5020260 P5020261 P5020262
P5020265 P5020267   THe museum now occupies the Georgian overlay on the site P5020268 P5020269
P5020270   Roman ruins on the lowest level P5020271 P5020272 P5020274
P5020276   The original spring outlet P5020277 P5020278 P5020279
P5020281 P5020282 P5020283 P5020285   Local performers portray Roman artisans at work
P5020286 P5020287 P5020288 P5020289   A piece of the orginal roof
P5020290 P5020291 P5020292 P5020293
P5020295 P5020298 P5020299   Roman below, Georgian above P5020300
P5020301 P5020302 P5020303   This glass floor shows off the Roman hypocaust, or heated floor, construction P5020305   The floor was laid on top of these piles of tile. Heated air circulated through the underfloor space, keeping it warm
P5020306 P5020309 P5020310   Pure spring water is tapped for this drinking fountain, and for the Pump TRoom above P5020311
P5020312   The Pump Room was built in 1789, most recent of the Georgian construction at the site. It is now a restaurant. P5020313 P5020314 P5020315
P5020316 P5020317   This street busker just plays vinyl P5020320 P5020322
P5020323 P5020325 P5020326 P5020327
P5020329 P5020330 P5020331 P5020332
P5020333 P5020334