Europe - Cirencester May 14

An old wool trading center in Wiltshire
P5010029   CIRENCESTER P5010030 P5010031   Grounds of the Earl of Bathurst, now open as a public park P5010032
P5010033 P5010034 P5010035 P5010036
P5010037 P5010041 P5010042 P5010045
P5010047 P5010048 P5010050 P5010051
P5010052 P5010053 P5010054 P5010055
P5010056 P5010057 P5010058 P5010059
P5010060 P5010062 P5010064 P5010065
P5010066 P5010067 P5010068 P5010069
P5010070 P5010071 P5010073 P5010074
P5010075 P5010076 P5010077 P5010078
P5010079 P5010080 P5010081 P5010082
P5010083 P5010084 P5010086 P5010087
P5010088 P5010089 P5010090 P5010091
P5010092 P5010093 P5010094 P5010095
P5010096 P5010097 P5010099 P5010101
P5010102 P5010103 P5010104 P5010105