Konstanz Jun 14

P5240284 P5250286   Visiting the camping spot P5250296 P5250301
P5250302 P5250303 P5250305 P5250306
P5250308 P5250309   The kiosk, which functions as a convenience store P5250316   This parking lot under a viaduct is known for its graffiti P5250317
P5250318 P5250319 P5250320 P5250321
P5250322 P5250323 P5250324   ...and incorporated a skateboard park P5250326
P5250327   Nearby, an arm of the Bodensee and a small rrestaurant P5250329 P5250331 P5250339
P5250340 P5250342 P5250343 P5250344
P5250347 P5260349 P5260351 P5260353
P5260356 P5260357 P5260358 P5260359
P5260360 P5260361 P5260362 P5260363   A large park
P5260364 P5260366 P5260367 P5260368
P5260369 P5270378 P5270379 P5270380
P5270381 P5270382 P5270399 P5270400
P5270403 P5270404 P5270405 P5270407
P5270408   The complex dining hall invites local kindergarteners for lunch P5270409 P5270414 IMG 2925-2
P5280416   Neighborhood flowers P5280417 P5280418 P5280419
P5280424 P5280426 P5280429 P5280430
P5280433 P5280435 P5280437 P5280440
P5280444 P5280450 P5280451 P5280453
P5280454 P5280456 P5280459 P5280460
P5280461 P5280468 P5280469 P5280471
P5280472 P5280473 P5280474 P5280479
IMG 2927-2 IMG 2928-2 IMG 2929-2 IMG 2931-2
IMG 2933-2 IMG 2934