Lengnau May 14

P5210076   Flowets in the neighborhood P5210077 P5210079 P5210083
P5210084 P5210086 P5210087 P5210089
P5210094 P5210095 P5210097 P5210101
P5210102 P5210104 P5210105 P5210107
P5210109 P5210110 P5210111 P5210112
P5210113 P5210114 P5210116 P5210119
P5210120 P5210123 P5210124 P5210126
P5210129 P5210132 P5210133 P5210134
P5210135 P5210136 P5210138 P5210139
P5210140   Front of the house P5210141   The vegetable garden P5210142 P5210143
P5210144 P5210145 P5210152   The workshop P5210156   This old farm supports a popular restaurant
P5210157 P5210158   ...which as a ski slope P5210159   ...and one wind turbine P5210160
P5210161 P5210162   Trail signs P5210163 P5210164
P5210165 P5210166   A view as far as the snowy Alps P5210167 P5210168   The valley of the Aare, a major tributary of the Rhine
P5210170 P5210171 P5210172 P5210175
P5210176 P5210177 P5210179 P5210180
P5210182 P5210187 P5210189 P5210191
P5210192 P5210195 P5210197 P5220208   Looking around in Lengnau
P5220209 P5220210 P5220211 P5220213
P5220214 P5220215 P5220216 P5220218
P5220219 P5220220 P5220222 IMG 2913-2
IMG 2915 P5230224 P5230225 P5230231
P5230234 P5230236 P5230246 P5230250
P5230253 P5230254 P5230255 P5230256
P5230262 P5230264 P5230265