St Pancras Station Eurostar May 14

This Victorian station in central London was revived and remodeled for the Eurostar bullet trains
P5180002   LONDON - ST PANCRAS P5180003   King's Cross Station, for domestic trains north and east P5180004 P5180005
P5180006 P5180007   Interior of St Pancras, right next to King's Cross and joined to it by an Underground station P5180008 P5180010
P5180011   All Eurostar trains are on the second leval in a separate security perimeter P5180012   These pianos are left fo anyone to play P5180013 P5180014
P5180015   This massive new barrel-vaulted roof was built for the Eurostar renovation P5180016 P5180018   The Eurostar perimeter P5180019
P5180020 P5180021 P5180022 P5180023
P5180024 P5180025 P5180026 P5180027
P5180028 P5180029 P5180030 P5180031   How many departure lounge snack bars are named after poets laureate?
P5180032 P5180033 P5180034   The old front of St Pancras P5180035
P5180036 P5180037 P5180038 P5180039
P5180041 P5190043   EUROPE - EUROSTAR Paris to Geneva P5190044   First class seating P5190045
P5190046 P5190047 P5190048 P5190050